Buy With Confidence!

Navigating the world of diamonds can be an extremely overwhelming experience, especially when you’re inundated by all the information to be found on the internet as well as advice from family, friends and colleagues.  At Treasure Diamonds, you can buy with confidence.  Let our gemmologists and diamond experts guide you through the process so you have all the necessary information to make the most suitable purchase for your needs and ensure that you’re receiving the best value for money.

Treasure Diamonds is a proud member of the extremely prestigious Israel Diamond Exchange.   Located in Ramat Gan, near Tel Aviv, the world’s largest and most technologically advanced diamond exchange is protected by exceptionally strict security procedures and therefore provides a secure place for its members to conduct business.  Four buildings interconnected by walkways are the home to over 1000 offices, with more than 6000 buyers coming each day from countries all over the world to purchase diamonds.  The exchange comprises 2800 members engaged in various aspects of the diamond industry, including production, marketing, and import and export.  It is no easy task to become a member of this exchange.

Two groups, the Diamond Dealers as well as the Diamond Merchants Association amalgamated in 2003 to form the Diamond Dealers Club of South Africa (DDCSA), a unified organization designed to promote the interests of the diamond, precious stone and jewellery industry. The DDCSA regulates the conduct of its members, protects their interests, and keeps everyone up to date about the impact of various world events on the industry.  Strict rules apply to be eligible to become a member, of which Treasure Diamonds is one.

The World Federation of Diamond Bourses, established in 1947, and of which the DDCSA is a member, states its objective as “securing a growing, profitable, respected, sustainable international diamond industry.” Their headquarters is based in Antwerp.  Members are required to uphold their traditions, and are involved in the trade of wholesale rough as well as polished diamonds.

When purchasing diamonds, always request a report from a reputable independent laboratory.  At Treasure Diamonds, we have our diamonds certified by GIA, EGL South Africa and DIA.  If you’re in the market for loose diamonds, jewellery or expert advice, get in touch with us on our online chat service, email us at or contact us on 021 421 4972.