Treasure Diamonds, Your One-Stop Solution

Consumer behaviour has changed in recent years.  We live in an era when perhaps the greatest luxury is time.  When looking to purchase a product, whether it be a fine jewellery piece or the latest car or cell phone, we want a seamless experience.  We also expect a variety of options from which to choose, competitive prices and great service.

One of the reasons why fine jewellery was one of the later items to be adopted for online purchases is because a jewellery purchase, be it an engagement ring or a beautiful anniversary gift, is such an emotional investment.  We enjoy being a part of the design process and prior to purchasing, we want to be able to try on and experience the piece.

At Treasure Diamonds, we take the utmost care to understand our clients’ specific needs and wish to make your experience as personal and seamless as possible.  With almost 40 years’ experience in the diamond and jewellery industry, we can assure you of expert advice, extremely competitive prices, exceptional customer service as well as comprehensive follow up support.  Make an appointment with us to view our large inventory of beautiful diamonds and join us for a tour of our factory where your jewellery piece will be designed and created just for you.