The Dynasty Collection

In November 2017, history is being made as Alrosa’s Dynasty Collection is scheduled to be auctioned online.  This spectacular 5-piece collection of diamonds was cut from a single 179ct rough diamond, the Romanov, which was extracted from one of the company’s mines in 2015.

“The Dynasty” diamond, the star of the collection, is a 51.38ct round brilliant cut, colour D, clarity VVS1 GIA-certified diamond with an excellent cut and a diameter of 2.5cm.  A diamond with these characteristics has the potential to be the most valuable diamond ever cut in Russia.  Expert craftsmen at Alrosa’s cutting and polishing facilities took one-and-a-half years to create the collection.

At a total weight of 76.22ct, the set is dedicated to Tsar Peter the Great, who founded Russia’s first cutting and polishing factory in the 18th Century, and is named after the Romanov dynasty which ruled Russia for 3 centuries.

The Dynasty Collection is intended to be sold as a complete set, and will be put on auction at a starting price of no less than $10 million.